Commercial Remodeling Specialists

GRNY Renovation have the experience and training to provide the best in commercial remodeling. All jobs are owner supervised and executed by our seasoned professionals. Our goal as a company is to establish a reputation for providing top quality commercial remodeling services in the NYC Metro area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Hotel Spa Remodeling

GRNY Renovation specializes in hotel room and public space remodeling projects with emphasis in Remodeling Room Reconfigurations; commercial Lighting; Bathroom/Restrooms; Flooring ; Carpet ; Drywall; Paint; Cabinets & Countertops ; Shelving System; Mirrors & Artwork installation; Facade Enhancements; Windows; Signage; Corridors ; Sidewalks and Curbs

Medical Facilities

From dental offices, to doctor’s offices, GRNY Renovation specializes in interior build outs that can give your expanding office more room. We can give your office more room or a fresh, new look.

Office Remodeling

Commercial office remodeling is very different from residential. The excessive wear and tear from high traffic levels requires understanding of the different materials, work flows and usage requirements. From accountants to medical facilities to small businesses, GRNY Renovation can remodel and renovate any office size.

Project Management

Without a central organizational contact, things can get confusing quickly! Why didn’t the materials arrive on time? When will the electrical contractor be on site to start? GRNY Renovation will guide the client through the design, costing, scheduling and construction phases of the project. This involvement can well expedite the schedule of the project and allow the client to have us as an essential part of the team.

From hotel renovation to office remodeling, GRNY Renovation are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction to businesses in the NYC Metro area. Our highly skilled and dedicated team work quickly and efficiently, to ensure a minimum of disruption to the working environment while staying within time constraints. We schedule our work hours to suit your needs, even working overnight if needed to minimize disruption to your business. We’re experienced at problem-solving installation techniques; working closely with electrical, plumbing, A/C and heating services.

We know that business people are busy managing the many challenges facing today’s owners and managers. Let us help you by taking some of the headaches out of that expansion, remodeling or new building project you are thinking of

Restaurant Remodeling

Remodeling a restaurant site that already exists can be a harrowing undertaking. Any type of construction is costly, but if you are hesitant and unsure of what you really are doing it can be extremely expensive and costly, both in time and money. We can help you manage the entire process, and even make sure that your restaurant doesn’t see any downtime.

Retail Remodeling

GRNY Renovation specializes in retail remodeling to include carpentry, millwork, store furniture, racking, shelving, and fixture installation. With many satisfied customers being serviced on short notice we have gained a reputation for being there when other remodeling contractors have been unavailable while maintaining quality, dependability and minimizing disruption to regular business operations.

Tenant Improvement

Whether it’s a simple remodel, or a major renovation GRNY specializes in commercial tenant improvements providing creative and distinctive construction solutions for a variety of commercial needs. GRNY Renovation serves building owners and building managers by providing personal attention, timely response and reasonable costs for jobs of all sizes. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients.

Commercial Repairs

Why hassle with trying to tackle repairs when you have a business to run? GRNY Renovation will work on your schedule to ensure that your business is maintained, with regular visits, or as-needed calls.

Our goal is to provide you with personalized service and quality workmanship at fair prices. GRNY Renovation is ready to assist you. Call us at 646-436-5002 or click here to schedule an appointment.